We believe the root cause of issues with our democracy is the large campaign contributions and politicians' indebtedness to these donars. Our democracy, through Elections B.C., has a processes to publish campaign donations, but it is so outdated that the public cannot access donation data until the January after the October election; therefore, they cannot react effectively during voting. It is our intention to be fully transparent with our income and expenses. We strive to make it available in the simplest, comprehensible format to the public. So we publish it right here before people head to vote..


We are requesting small donations ( $5, $10 etc..) from public . All donations will be published here. You can INTERAC e-transfer your donation to donations@peoplefirstsurrey.ca . 


In order to comply with campaign laws, we request to send another email with your Full name, Phone number, and residential address to info@peoplefirstsurrey.ca.  We might contact you to verify your identity.



Income so far  

No : Name of Donar/Source of Income : Amount (CAD) : Business filed? : Field of work :
1 Shajimon K 10 N/A Engineer
2 Sheebamol S 5 N/A Self employed
3 Lekshmi Priya 5 N/A Student
4 Shaiju Mathew 5 N/A Engineer
5 Rajesh Jayaprakash 1000 N/A Software Engineer
6 Reghu Kumar 51 N/A Accountant
7 Manoj Sivadasa 500 N/A Engineer
8 Meera Sarasakumari 500 N/A Registered Nurse
9 Sajeena Ramdas 750 YES Realtor
10 Nevil Thomas 10 N/A Engineer
11 Binu Sebastian 750 N/A Software Engineer
12 Gopa Kumar 1000 N/A Software Engineer
13 Anne Kaps 25 N/A Retired
14 Yanni Yu 500 Yes Electrical Business
15 Anish Abraham 1000 N/A Software Engineer
16 Sebasitan Thazhe 400 N/A Pharmacist
17 Shankar Bhavan 1100 N/A Software Engineer
18 Zhifeng Xia 50 N/A TBD
19 Virinderpal Singh 100 N/A TBD
20 Shaiju Mathew 750 N/A Engineer
21 Right Abraham 100 N/A TBD
22 Smitha Mathew 750 N/A Nurse
23 Vincy Benjamin 200 N/A TBD
24 Jaya Abraham 500 N/A TBD
25 Maria Foster 200 N/A Employee
  TOTAL 10261    































We are aware that accounting is not this simple and will require complex formats. We will publish our books fully and in detail here as we have it. Our accounts are simple today, so we use simple formats. Either way, we will publish it right here.



Will be published soon.