Surrey is a large and diverse city with people with lot of cultural backgrounds. We believe the council should have people who understand these cultural backgrounds. A council which understand why certain things are important to some cultures and not to others. A council with members who has hands on work experience with multiple cultures - Not councillors who show up for festivals and dress up cultural costumes for a day. We also need a geographical representation to ensure that city’s resources are distributed fairly across the city, not just in some pockets. Eg: North Surrey Vs South Surrey. Cloverdale Vs Bridgeview etc.



How we practice 'representation'?

We look for merits and ethics of the candidates primarily. However, we also strive to,

  • Come up with a team enabling the representation from all possible neighborhoods. But do not support the ward based approach due to many practical aspects.
  • Come up with a team enabling the representation from maximum racial groups based on population. We will give preference to candidates who actually worked hands on in community development efforts and can bridge cultural differences.