Positive politics is a key value for us. We believe democracy is more fragile than it seems. We are living in an era of technologies like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Social media etc. using which manipulation of elections can be done very effectively. There are examples in front of us in any many countries. Furthermore, continuous progress of technology and tardiness of the legal system is making things only worse for future. So, We also advocate for a set of strict digital campaign rules by the election commission.

As a start, we follow some basic principles around these. We hope social pressure will make other political parties also follow these ethical practices.



How we practice 'positive politics'?


  • Do not resort to any negative or unethical campaign tactics. Eg: unethical use of social media platforms.
  • Do not attack the political opponents in any personal way during campaigns or after.
  • Criticism will be constructive. It's intention should be eventual betterment of people.