We plan to take the public consultation seriously and feedback to be included in the plans. 

Those who been to current city public open houses know very well that it is mostly a one way process. The plans are explained to public. That is it. Most often the questions of "Why" are not encouraged. Neither suggestions from public. We do intend to change it. There will be council members present in every possible city open houses to get feedback from people.



How we practice 'people participation'?

There are three major ways we are implementing our 'people participation' principle.

  1. We do open houses as part of our campaign. This is how we refine/add new priorities and get to a 'plan'.That is how we transition priorities to plans.
  2. After we get to council, we make sure there is at least one council representative in every city open house to get feedback.
  3. Most importantly, check our E-votes proposal. This give the power to voters even after the election than handful of councilors acting as judges even in very contentious issues.