Transparency is the cornerstone of democracy. We believe that  technology can be used to implement this core value to the  fullest extent possible in the 21st century.  We believe the root cause of issues with our democracy is the large campaign contributions and politicians' indebtedness to these donars.   Our democracy, through Elections B.C., has a processes to publish campaign donations, but it is so outdated that the public cannot access donation data until the January after the October election; therefore, they cannot react effectively during voting.




How we practice transparency'?

There are three major ways we are implementing our 'transparency' principle.

  1. We are publishing, before Election Day, all of our income to our website in simple format, so that the voters can be sure that we are not somebody's puppet.
  2. We are publishing all our policy positions, in as much detail as possible, before voting, so that people know where we stand on major issues.
  3. Most importantly, check our E-VOTES proposal in the priorities section of the web page. The idea is that, if city can collect taxes and utility fees from taxpayers online, the city can also get a vote from people about important issues. We understand that we have plebiscites; but,  those are slow, expensive and at provincial level, coming  with legal implications. E-VOTE is a quick and inexpensive way to get votes from people of Surrey for important and contentious issues.