Quality of Life in Surrey: Arts, Artists & Nightlife…


Surrey lacks a lot in quality of life when compared to other major cities. We need Performing Arts, Theaters and Nightlife avenues. Our artists and talented kids need support and encouragement to be successful artists. Youth in Surrey need their space for recreation. As downtown Surrey gets more of a younger population, this becomes even more important. . 

Here is our three promises to the arts scene in Surrey if we are elected in 2018 Oct Surrey municipal elections:


1.  Surrey Arts Reserve Fund: A dedicated fund created by a onetime donation by city, created in the first year of the council itself. This will be in addition to the existing Cultural Grants program by city which will continue. This will be similar in fund size and management of the Surrey’s ‘Affordable Housing Reserve Fund’. Main components of this will be,

1.1 Artist and Young talent support program: We will create a registry of Surrey based artists and budding talents. Talents will be identified and supported from primary school level itself. Budding talents will be supported from school level to adulthood and realization of their dreams. We will support their families in their journey.

They will have access to,

  • All city facilities will be available to such artists at significantly reduced rents.
  • City will share half the rent of private facilities rented in Surrey for their programs. Solo programs and such artists in significant roles will be supported. City portion will paid directly to the venue or paid in advance of the program.
  • Other grant/support programs that might needed on a case to case basis.

1.2 Arts groups support program: A similar support program to select organizations that significantly advance the arts scene in Surrey.


2.  World class performing arts center in Surrey: We need a world class performing arts center in Surrey and we will create one.

Additional features to the world class performing center to make it usable for Surrey public:

    • Additional support programs for Surrey based theater groups and artists to use this facility at affordable prices.
    • Considering the unique nature of Surrey, we will have an additional facility, at the same location but separated from the performing arts center to include preparation and serving of food, which is an integral part of community festivals that might be using this facility.
    • Location is to be decided: City center and Cloverdale fairgrounds are good candidates.

Performance center would be costly. This will be achieved by city donating land/space only - No other monetory investments from city. Center will be built with public-private partnership and provincial and federal government support if available. 


 3.  Night Life Street: We would want to identify a specific street for nightlife and promote it actively.

  • This create our younger generation to spend their weekends in Surrey itself rather than going to outside cities.
  • We are committed to a well-lit, walkable, tree filled downtown core.