We believe in being on the compassionate side. Homeless people are our fellow citizens who need support. 

  • Review our policies with this basic approach in mind. Emphasis is on the well-being of the community, including homeless. We do not believe policing homeless constantly is the solution – unless when it is really required.
  • A dedicated fund for those at the verge of becomming homeless, which can be accessed quickly.


  • A 24/7 working, free, on call, fentanyl testing mobile unit.
    • We will take steps in the very first council meeting for this. Anybody in the city with suspicion on fentanyl in the drugs, can call this unit. They will reach the spot and test the drugs for presence of fentanyl for free. This helps the users to see if their substance has fentanyl or dangerous substance in it - before or after the use. The unit will be equipped with latest equipments like Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR). As users get to check the drugs at convenience, we expect overdose deaths to reduce signigicantly.
  • Decriminalization is the lessening/removal of criminal penalties for possessing and using small amounts of illicit drugs. Manufacturing and trafficking illicit drugs would remain illegal.