E - VOTES is a fundamental building block of our approach.  This is about how key approvals are done in city council and will fundamentally alter our city governance for good. 

  • We will create a system for all citizens in Surrey to vote on critical issues online or with an app. ie; Council will an have an additional choice to put an issue for E-VOTES, if the council feels there is public opinion on both ways for a specific topic. Such contentious issues can be resolved quickly and democratically with this approach. 
  • This will be a quick and easy way as opposed to plebiscites, which is time  consuming. E-VOTES would not be encumbered with the legal requirements of plebiscites and they would be open only to Surrey voters. 
  • This would help the people to vote on more issues and contentious issues directly, as opposed to a handful of Councillors acting as judges resulting in people protesting on streets without ever knowing what the majority favours. The technology for this already exists in parts. We want City of Surrey to be a leader in the use of technology to further the practice  the true meaning of democracy. 

E - VOTES would ensure that progress in Surrey is not held up in unnecessary delays and arguments which seem to go on indefinitely. Everyone can agree on the citizen's vote and move forward.