Housing affordability has reached crisis levels in the city. Recently, entry-level housing prices have soared significantly crushing the home ownership dreams of a lot of Canadians.

While there are limits to what any level of government can do on this issue, there are many things governments can do to control the industry. We are coming up with a concrete set of points on what city can do and will do by council. For the rest, we will partner with provincial and federal governmental counterpart with open arms. We understand environmental issues are also mixed in this issue.



"Build up and Build more"

1. Adopt a “Build up and Build more” approach provided the infrastructure supports it.

  • Actively support more entry-level housing stock coming  to the city. 
  • Revisit wherever necessary,the rules (including zoning) across the city.
  • Streamline the development application process. Automate as much as possible.

Develop a guideline and use it to reduce the delays in bringing more housing stock to the city. Currently developers spend months and years in city approvals increasing their costs which they pass on to customers, eventually driving up prices. Ie; We'd ensure faster and time-bound decisions from city hall on development decisions, whatever the decision is. 

  A goal for city hall development application decision timelines:

1. Half the current development approval/decline timelines with city hall.

2. Hire and train more city staff to enable this.

3. Council to meet weekly instead of bi-weekly if the supporting staff and processes can support such increase in frequency. We will make every effort to do this, if cost impacts are reasonable.



WE  INVITE EVERYONE TO JOIN OUR OPEN HOUSE AND PANEL DISCUSSION ON "Housing affordability & homelessness in Surrey" ON AUGUST 04TH FROM 2 PM TO 4 PM AT FLEETWOOD LIBRARY (15996 84 Ave, Surrey).  It is part of our series of nine open houses and panel discussions about burning issues in Surrey. This has participation from multiple political and non-political groups. More details on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PeopleFirstSurrey. Pictures and videos from our previous open houses and panel discussions can also be found there.