Surrey is a place of multiple cultures and ethnic groups; but, many cultural groups still face inwards, and do not connect with the larger community. 

Currently multiculturalism efforts at Surrey city hall focus mostly on small-group events and one-day cultural festivities. The limited range of these activities is a lost opportunity for the general public to understand, mingle and appreciate other cultures. It is also a lost opportunity for newer immigrants to get to know Surrey and Canada and engage the larger community in their day-to-day lives. 




  • Information about many small community festivals and local events are not reaching the general Surrey public, denying them the chance to be a part of them. We will develop a full Surrey events calendar and promote it, ensuring all cultural festivals, small or large, will be included. We will work with different cultural groups and clubs on this. 
  • Community days: Focusefforts by the city to promote communities aligned to their own festivals and events in a funding neutral way, more ways to meaningfully understand other cultures and interact with them. 
  • Redesign Surrey Fusion festival, Surrey Food festival, etc., to give more emphasis on communicating culture.
  • Explore a mentorship and support system network involving seniors and people newly moving to Surrey.