1. After our camera system for crime is installed, use this to avoid congestion during accidents.   Ie; The road accidents will be detected by cameras, then drones will be send in to redirect traffic to feeder intersections and to pass on early visuals of accidents to police . This would enable police and other medics to reach accident spots quickly and save lives. The technology for this already exist.


2. Explore the possibility to develop an app that will suggest the best possible way to reach from point A to point B, including Translink options, car share, and any other transportation option available.


3. Explore new transportation options like car share, private partnership parking. Use technology to put it all together. Partner with Tech leaders like Google and Microsoft. Overall, explore all available avenues to reduce use of cars to reduce road congestion and develop practical alternate ways for using cars for transportation.



Explore* : We are studying this at this stage.