People First Surrey



What is "PEOPLE FIRST Surrey"? 

People First Surrey” is an initiative of regular people who believe big campaign donors and corporations are gaining an unhealthy influence on our democracy.  It is a "values first approach" which attempts to bring transparency and people participation back to politics.

We have bold and innovative approaches for the betterment of the lives of people of Surrey. We believe in publishing our values and agenda ahead of voting so that the public knows what they are voting for, before they vote. We ensure public participation, feedback and refinement of our priorities (see the priorities section) through our open houses and panel discussions before election day.

"People First" has no party affiliations.  A handful of us in Surrey initiated it. We are also looking for qualify people to join us. ie; whether to volunteer with us or to run for the council with us on Oct 20 th,    2018. Doors are open to anyone willing to abide by our values (Please see our values section). We are open to feedback and criticism on all our priorities (Please see the priorities sections).


Currently the “Surrey First” team has a vision which simply puts the “City of Surrey” first. This vision is an imagination of a city down the line 20-30 years, thought up by some politicians and experts. This may seem innocent on the surface but it has a dangerously fundamental flaw. It ignores the people in the city. It requires the policies to be driven from their “vision for the city”. So it need not listen to the hearts and minds of people – because it is serving a “vision” - not people. These politicians and experts do not experience the same day to day experiences the people of Surrey encounter right now or in future, be it daily commutes via bus or train or rental increases or price of houses or fear of crime or crowded school issues. These visionaries have no idea what people go through here, so naturally they have no idea how to solve them. They look for ideas all over the world to support their vision, but they forget to look into the city. They ask all experts in the world – but they don’t ask the people who live here. End of the day, the policies and taxpayer dollars go towards fulfillment of this vision, be it the nature of rapid transit, housing policies or any other major or minor policy.

Eventually, the people and their taxes are working to realize the politician’s vision, Not the other way. We at "People First Surrey" want to reverse this. We want the vision and taxes to work for people, so people come first. That is “People First”.


"PEOPLE FIRST Surrey" is your alternative in Surrey Municipal elections for Oct 2018! 

We start with the problems and desires of people, coming directly from them. We try to solve problems that common people experience every day. We collect these by feedback provided to us via emails and open house forums. See our current priorities in the 'Priorities' section. We derive our policies from it and eventually form a city vision from it. Again, we let it come directly from people – not from the so called experts and politicians. We ask the experts to solve issues raised by people. We question expert's feedback with facts and data available to us, in a rational, calm manner, with due respect for their expertise. We raise our alternative policies and strategies. We let the experts counter, validate to refine policies. We refine it based on continuous constructive feedbacks from people at all walks of life. We try to be innovative at every point. We try to use technology wherever it make sense. Once the priorities are settled and we win election based on it, we will simply see to it that those are implemented, one by one!


What to expect from "PEOPLE FIRST Surrey" Candidates?

Our Candidates DO NOT use “PEOPLE FIRST Surrey” platform to further agendas/interests other than published “PEOPLE FIRST Surrey” agendas.

  • Do not promote interests of Churches, Temples, Gurudwaras, Mosques etc.
  • Do not promote interests of political parties. like NDP, Liberal, Greens, Conservative etc.
  • Do not promote interests of any other groups of interest. like, Unions, Real estate developers etc.

We understand, however,  personal beliefs and affiliations of each person/candidate may differ but it  is not part of “PEOPLE FIRST Surrey” agenda.


1) To be very clear on a major point - If we get full control of the Surrey City Council, we will oppose and cancel LRT plans for Surrey and work towards bringing skytrain instead. This is what we heard very loud and clear from the people of Surrey, so far. We understand that there are many entities at different levels that eventually make this happen. We will work with all of them, but will never give up on this key priority. Please see our “Priorities” section for more details.