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ABOUT US : What is People First and Why

“People First” is a non-traditional election platform for Surrey municipal elections Oct 2018.

It is a grassroots movements by people who are left with not many options other than taking things into their own hands. A handful of us in Surrey initiated it. We do plan to contest and win the municipal council election of Surrey in 2018. We are looking for qualified people to join us, whether to volunteer or to run for the council with us in Oct 2018. Doors are open to all.


Our values form our code of conduct. They provide us the foundation for our actions and decisions. They provide the supporting rational required to explain our actions and decisions to people. These values are the permanent part of “PEOPLE FIRST Surrey”.

Our Priorities

Our priorities here are what we came up so far. However we are continuing to refine these with input from people. So we provide electronic and in person sessions for people to provide their feedback. Please see our contact us page and open house schedule.

We also request community groups to organize additional open houses at their location so that we can discuss these and refine.

By September/October we plan to finalise these and call it a “xx point plan”. Then if we get control of the council, we will aggressively proceed with implementation of these priorities. We will work with other governmental bodies and municipalities to implement these.




RAJESH JAYAPRAKASH is running for mayor of Surrey with PEOPLE FIRST SURREY.

Rajesh Jayaprakash (Raj) is a technologist who uses his expertise to advance the use of technology for the betterment of all. His papers on advancing consumer privacy and informed consent in the digital era have been presented and discussed in many global telecommunication forums. With a master’s degree in computer applications and having worked in US and Canada for a decade and half, he finally settled in Surrey.

On the social front, Rajesh was instrumental in starting small community language sections in Surrey libraries. Having run a library from the trunk of his car, driving around to deliver and pick up books for a few years, he convinced city libraries to start a section for community language books. Getting this done took four years of persuasion with various libraries in Vancouver, Burnaby and finally, Surrey! Rajesh was the director of a community association and started programmes for integrating newcomers to Canada. Rajesh is also the founder of the PEOPLE FIRST SURREY.
● PEOPLE FIRST SURREY fully support Skytrain for both the Fraser Hwy and SNG lines and cancel LRT but ultimate decision will be by public vote.
● We will increase efficiency of policing using technology and re-allocate such resources to fight gangs. This will keep taxes the same. RCMP-vs-Municipal Force decision will be made after a study, including cost-effectiveness; and, it shall be decided by taxpayers via a vote.
● We will, based on a scientific approach, ensure that both affordability of entry-level housing and green spaces are considered as part of each and every development's approval.
● We also propose an e-vote platform to save time & cost of referendums and increase public participation in government.
● Youth in Surrey need their space for recreation. We will identify a specific street near the downtown core for nightlife and promote it actively.
● We will actively support all arts, museums, theatres to make Surrey a sophisticated modern city with great quality of life.



PAUL RUSAN is running for council with PEOPLE FIRST SURREY. Paul is a financial analyst and ex-director of finance for non-profit KPIRG - Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group. He is currently employed by the Vancouver School Board, serving students, teachers and parents.

He is a hardworking Surrey resident who loves his community and cares deeply about Surrey. He was the leader of various student associations where he consolidated his leadership and problem-solving skills. With years of community service under his belt, Paul believes it is time for a completely new direction for the city government and greater co-operation between south-of-Fraser cities. Quoting Paul, “This election is about the future of our city. We need a new vision for the city and we find that in PEOPLE FIRST SURREY.”


Thampy Rajan is a lifelong educator, avid community volunteer, parish elder, publisher and so on. He wore many hats over the decades living in Surrey. Thampy is currently a small business owner living in Fleetwood with his wife. His experience as an educator across four countries over the decades gives him a clear perspective on how to support future generations. He was the publisher of a business news magazine 'Biz News' in 2003-2004 in Surrey. He also served in many community associations as director and helped hundreds of new families settle their lives in Canada. Having his grown up kids moved away and settled, he want to take his community service to next level by serving in the city council.


Maria Foster is a project controller for a large organization, streamlining tasks to save costs. She wants to bring this experience to city hall to make city hall more efficient and save taxpayers dollars. This is also part of PEOPLE FIRST SURREY’s 16-point platform. She is a working mom who grew up in Surrey. Her daughter attends school using the facilities here in Surrey. Her view is from a working parent’s perspective and she wants to improve things based on that view. Maria lives in South Surrey/WhiteRock with her family. She states “We all work very hard to enable us to pay taxes; so, it's time regular people with no vested interests---like our team---get in and do a better job than seasoned, complacent politicians”.

PEOPLE FIRST SURREY is trying to break the negative cycle of big campaign donations, big campaigns and the returning of favours by council. The whole cycle repeats every four years. People are forced to vote for the "lesser evil", yet all are funded by the same groups. We want to put an end to this by giving power back to regular people rather than politicians. PEOPLE FIRST SURREY candidates are doing their part to transform this city by creating a true alternative to big money slates. We are asking the Surrey taxpayers to do their part by voting us in!


Yanni is a CPA-CGA and is a successful small business owner. Coming to Canada from China with literally 500 dollars, she has gone through steps that most new immigrants gone. She has abundant experiences of utilizing limited resources in most effective and efficient ways. Yanni believes using technology will reduce redundancy and bureaucracy to save taxpayers dollars. Yanni lives in Guildford area with her family and performs stage dramas for Chinese elders for FVNA community.

Yanni is running with PEOPLE FIRST SURREY, because it is a fiscally responsible team with a clear 16-point platform. PEOPLE FIRST SURREY has a practical plan to cancel LRT and bring SkyTrain. With recent announcements by the Premier and Prime minister, the only way to bring Skytrain is via PEOPLE FIRST SURREY's strategy of putting Skytrain vs LRT to vote of Surrey taxpayers, using it to convince the province and federal governments. PEOPLE FIRST SURREY candidates are doing their part to transform this city by creating a true alternative to big money slates; and, we are asking the Surrey taxpayers to do their part by voting us in!


Murali Krishnan has lived in Fleetwood for the past 20 years and works as a notary public. He graduated in physics, later studying computer programming. Murali is the past-president of Johnston Heights Secondary PAC and a member of the Fraser Heights Rotary Club. He has supported, in many ways, numerous local charities and organizations. Murali is running with PEOPLE FIRST SURREY as it is a party with values and a 16-point plan to transform our city.

PEOPLE FIRST SURREY is trying to break the negative cycle of big campaign donations, big campaigns and the returning of favours by council. The whole cycle repeats every four years when people are forced to vote for the "lesser evil". We want to put an end to this. PEOPLE FIRST SURREY candidates are doing their part to transform this city by creating a true alternative to big-money slates; and, we are asking the Surrey taxpayers to do their part by voting us in!


Let's meet in person and discuss what is important to you. Let us explain our proposals and have an open and honest conversation about those. In addition to the usual door knocking and social media channels, we like to discuss our agenda in person with you at our open houses. We will make every effort to have an open house in all communities of Surrey.


These are the various ways you can support us, learn more about us or connect with us. You may subscribe to our newsletter or send us a message. You may apply for a free membership or show your support on any of our social media platforms.